Up to $20,000 Purchase Assistance Program (PGCPAP)!

Prince George County Home Buyers can receive up to $20,000 in Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance

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The Prince Georges County Purchase Assistance Program or PGCPAP is creating homeownership opportunities throughout Prince Georges County Maryland, with down payment assistance up to $15,000, for eligible Home Buyers purchasing a home in Prince Georges County. Community service providers can qualify for an additional $5,000, bring total PGCPAP loan to $20,000. Minimum contribution from the home buyer will the greater of 1.75% of the purchase price or 50% of the borrower’s liquid assets over $3,000
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance loan up to $15,000
  • Community Service providers, such as a Police Officer, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Classroom Teacher, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, or Nurse can qualify for an additional $5,000, bringing the total down payment and closing cost assistance loan up to $20,000, based on need
  • 0% interest rate and deferred repayment on the down payment assistance amount
  • Minimum investment by the home buyer of 1.75% of the purchase price, which can come from flexible sources including a family member gift or a loan/withdraw against a 401k/Thrift Savings account
  • Only must be paid back when you sell, refinance, or convert the property to an investment property
  • Can be used in conjunction with a FHA, VA, or conventional loan
  • Available for all property types, including existing homes and new construction
  • Easy and Simple Process. Lenders submits all paperwork to Prince Georges County; the Home Buyer only needs to take a first-time buyer’s class


Household Size Maximum Household Income

How to start the Prince Georges County Purchase Assistance Program (PGCPAP):

  • Apply for your first trust mortgage loan. To obtain your preliminary approval for the first trust mortgage loan call (410) 552-5912 or Click Here to apply online
  • Note, approval of your first trust mortgage loan does not guarantee approval of your loan application for the PGCPAP Loan
  • Attend an 8-hour housing counseling course provided by a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency
  • Enter into a Purchase Contract, with a minimum settlement date of 60 days from contract ratification
  • Schedule your Housing Quality Standards Inspection Requirements through APC
  • Ensure that any deficiencies identified in the HQS Inspection Report that are an eminent threat to life, health, and safety, as determined by the HQS Inspector must be corrected prior to loan approval
  • Obtain an additional home inspection completed by a licensed inspector
  • Lender to order a home appraisal report
  • First trust lender approves the loan, subject to the approval of the PGCPAP Loan
  • PGCPAP Loan submission is made, with a minimum 21 business days remaining on the sales agreement, in order for the submission to be accepted by the PGCPAP Loan Underwriter
  • PGCPAP Loan is approved, settlement date is scheduled, and the loan closes